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As much as you need your need best German translation services ($25/page), the privacy of your files is an important issue.


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Evedano is a company that gives you the best in terms of quality when it comes to translation services. We are a group of professionals who are quality oriented, a fact that makes the quality of our work.

We give the best German Translation services to our clients since no single word or statement is ignored owing to our high level of accuracy and longtime expertise. Going for a certified German translation services like Evedano will not only give you the best but also saves you time of fumbling with your project.

Our Services

With our focus based on customer's satisfaction, most of our services are consumer's satisfaction oriented. We ensure that you get the best customer support through the various communication platforms that we have. The live chat which is on 24/7 can be a very important communication tool to you as a customer alongside the toll free number and call back.

Since we are a group of elites, managing big volume of tasks has never been a challenge and we offer both rush and super rush turnaround services. At Evedano, there is a guarantee that your files will never get on wrong hands.

The whole process of uploading your files to downloading a completed project are all made simple at Evedano. Online payment is also a feature that makes Evedano worth.