Bengali Translation

Evedano provides ($25/page) different methods of delivering
and receiving the information to be translated or the already translated material.


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Bengali Translation Services

Do you have any Bengali script, video, audio or any material that you need to be translated?

Evedano Bengali translation provides you with the answer. Evedano offers the best and affordable Bengali translation service that meets the objective of your work (translated material). We only charge $25 per 250 words, thus one page. Quality is our joy in the translation service; we give our clients quality services that make them appreciate our translation service work every time they get our service.

Not only quality is delivered but also Best and above accuracy is practiced even when handling high volume of Bengali translations. We have trained professionals who ensure that customers' demand is met and done within the shortest time possible; time is money and we make good use of it to serve our clients. We don't tolerate delays; therefore, your translation service is done before deadline.

Most customers might fail to get the best services from other service providers due to lack of communication. At Evedano, communication is highly maintained through provision of call back services and toll free numbers to make sure that clients get the best and satisfying information concerning their work in progress.

We translate different scripts from different languages to Bengali, 50 and above languages. This is the right place to trust with your translation work. These include email services to improve confidentiality.There is online chat, customers and the staff can communicate free at will to make follow ups on their translation service.